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Apple T2 Security Chip Prevents Third Party Repair

Defining and Introducing Apple’s New Chip T2 that Powered Apple’s Mac Mini and Macbook Air in 2018

Apple has rightfully earned a status and reputation of self-reliance and self-sufficiency both in terms of hardware and software. From iOS that has enabled iPhone to compete Android products to chipsets and supporting apps and software innovations. Apple has been considered as the most secure platform because it has avoided third party involvement to the best of its abilities and approach.

Apple started designing processors starting from “A” series since its very beginning and successfully reached the milestone of self-sufficiency in this regard. Apple’s chipset /processor T2 is the successor of T1 that was initially launched in and powered the Macbook Pro and impressed the customers with its impressive performance. Designed specifically for System Management Controller or SMC, T1 also supported Touch ID and enabled installation of Touch ID sensors within the touch bars of display. This upgrade opened the way for installation of fingerprint scanner and enhanced security features hereafter.

Apple T2 Chip Repairs

More Than Just “Security”

Another security that could be added into the screen and display of Macbook Pro was that this device was now able to accommodate encryption techniques due to this upgrade. These innovations further lead to promote FaceTime and HD camera access in the real time.

The new Apple’s chip T2 followed the footprints of its predecessor T1 in many features however voice enhancements, image processing, visual quality adaptation and enhanced encryption tools are few major steps forward that make it more advanced and capable. According to engineers from Apple, the T2 signal processor uses FaceTime HD camera to produce enhanced tone maps, improved exposure experience and balanced face exposure coupled with detailed imagery and visual quality.

Improved Audio Apple T2 Silicone Chip

Voice and audio controllers of Apple’s chipset T2 and impressive. Audio over microphones and Stereo have been specifically targeted for upgradation in this new processor. The Apple’s new T2 chip is also supporting the new SSD controller that automatically encrypts your computer regardless of any additional application or software. This feature saves more memory, processing cost, power, time and energy for you.

Encryption tool used in the T2 processor are totally based on the Apple-Specific Silicon design without any third party involvement or assistance. This technology avoids the data to be transferred through intel processor and prevents the date being processed through any other dedicated hardware. These qualities are a big advantage in the tech-world to minimize

Repair Industry Under Threat with Apple T2 Chip

Way back when Apple blocked iPhone 6 with touch I.d lockout when third party repair shops damaged the home button, Apple has followed the same anti-competitive, monopolistic though process as it launches new devices. Currently we face issues with latest model iPhone 11 Series devices showing warning notification when you have your iPhone repaired by a third part repair shop.

Though this notification does go away after 11 days, it was created to stifle distrust between third party repair shops and budding iPhone users whom have the right to have their device fixed wherever that want. This behaviour has created a huge cult like ”right to repair” movement where figureheads from the third party repair industry have railed governments around the world to do more to stop Apple taking the power away from from independent repair shops.


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