Auto Correction Tools, Tricks and Tips in iPhone

Auto-correct is an automatic tool in all smartphones including iPhone which correct, edit or suggest words during your typing. Auto correct is an automatic feature in your iPhone that correct your miss spelled text and messages automatically. Your iPhone or the iPad automatically fix and correct words. Auto correct converts swear words into similar, correct and appropriate words during your typing. If you add some curse words or the words that you frequently use with your close friends, just type and check the sensitivity of auto correction in your iPhone. Vocabulary of these words is fed into the memory of the iPhone. The iPhone automatically compare the typed words with its dictionary and automatically suggest alternate and appropriate words during typing when the closest match is available. For example, if you miss spell a word like vocabulary, the system will suggest the right word Vocabulary and immediately fix it for you.

Phase A: Making iPhone Auto-Correct Ducking: Step-wise guidelines

Initially, you have to follow the following steps. Consult 1.Settings, 2.General, 3.Keyboard, 4.Text Replacement on your iPhone. Afterwards, tap on the “+”sign to add the new short-cut.

Phase B: Type a Word

Second, type your desired word that you want to type into the typing box. If you want to stop iPhone from correcting the words “fucking” into “ducking”, then type “fucking” as a test case.

Phase C: Save the Progress

Save the progress by saving edits in the settings section after saving the words into the auto-correct settings that you are frequently using and want to consult auto-correct tool for these words.

Phase D: Create a Shortcut         

After enabling a short cut from settings, a short cut will appear on your screen. Repeat the same process as many times as many words you want to add into the dictionary and want to use.

Phase E:  Profanity Words

This process also works for the words that are not profanity. If you are using any of the words that do not belong to the standard dictionary or by-default vocabulary, then you can add it to the short-cuts list as previously discussed and your iPhone keyboard will enable the whole word and will also understand that it is a word you are trying to type.

Phase F: iPhone dictionary Enabled

While trying to type the curse word once again, your iPhone will accept the whole word. The iPhone dictionary will also consider any words in your text that you want to replace by valid words and add them into the dictionary.

How do we Tame Auto-correction in iPhone?

Profanity in Their Name

      You can also add some contacts to your phone with leading to profanity in their names. For example if you have added a contact with the title “Fuck Fucker”, then your iPhone would automatically think “Fuck” and “Fucker” and consider them as much beautiful and acceptable words. The auto correction of iPhone will automatically accept them. It is better to include profanity into your shortcuts instead of adding them into your contacts.

Disabling auto-correct on your iPhone

Auto-correct can also be disabled to prevent it from interfering into your messages. But as per technical details, the auto-correct is a useful tool if technically trained to stop predictions on your frequently used words. Follow these steps if you want to deactivate auto-correct, 1.Settings, 2.General, 3.Keyboard and Disable option of “Auto-Correction” from a list of commands.

Train the Auto-correct in your iPhone

Training auto correct is not only possible but a helpful tool to keep your iPhone smart and updated.  Right after the curse word being typed “the curse word” you will tap on the top-left corner of the keyboard’s suggestion bar. It is similar to the one that enclosed in those quotation marks. It would let the robot learn about storing that word into its memory for future correction. By repeating the same word time and again, the keyboard will gradually learn

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