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Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps 2020

Looking for the best Apple Watch bands?  You came to the right place!  Check out the top-rated Apple Watch bands and straps, and how to change them.

There’s no better way to give a fresh look to your Apple Watch than with a new strap or band. While Apple options can be very expensive, there are countless third-party companies that offer straps that suit any budget and wrist size.

How to know which strap to buy?

There are a few things you need to check before you buy a new strap/band for your Apple Watch. First, make sure you know what size Apple Watch you have (it’s written on the box of your watch).

Until the Apple Watch Series 3, you had a choice of 38mm and 42mm model. From the Apple Watch Series 4 up to the latest Apple Watch Series 5, Apple offers 40mm and 44mm sizes. So make sure you pick the right size.

If compass accuracy is important to you, buy straps with magnets inside because some third-party straps might screw up the Series 5’s new compass.

Also, bands from Apple Watch Series 3 and older will fit their corresponding replacement. So, a 38mm Apple Watch 3 strap will fit a newer 40mm Apple Watch Series 5. That’s very useful if you are upgrading your Apple Watch and want to keep your favorite bands.

Top-Rated Apple Watch Bands and Straps

VATI Sport Band

VATI Sport band is modeled after the original Apple Watch Sport Band. Buy one of 31 colors offered, or save even more buying three-pack or six-paco or even 8-pack bundle. It’s made of soft silicone, and this band is comfortable enough to wear at the gym, beach, or anywhere you go. It comes in all 4 watch sizes (38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm), and you can choose from S/M or M/L band. Right now it’s on sale and is selling for just $5.99. The regular price is $9.99.

Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Strap

Available in all sizes, the Fitlink stainless steel metal strap is a classic option for anyone looking for a metal link band. It fits all versions of Apple Watches and costs a fragment of the price of an official metal link band. Adjusting link bracelets is hard and annoying, but Fitlink’s straps come with all the tools you need to do it at home. The strap itself comes in 4 colors: black, gray, silver, and rose gold. It is currently priced at $15.99 on Amazon.

MCORS Milanese Style Apple Watch Band

Apple’s original Milanese style band was a breakthrough design, but let’s be honest, the price puts it out of range for many of us. Happily, there are plenty of other budget-friendly metal mesh options – such as MCORS. It comes in all the colors that Apple offers. You can pick the one that matches your Apple Watch or select a different color for a contrasting look. For an outstanding style, choose the rainbow band. The MCORS band is actually a loop, not a round clasp, so the band adjusts to fit without tools. It’s priced at $10 Bands Apple Watch.

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Secbolt Stainless Steel Band

Not every third-party Apple Watch band is a copy of official Apple styles, and this one proves it with its unique design and top quality. Available in all sizes, the Secbolt Stainless Steel Band is a glamorous option for anyone looking for a metal link band. Simple to resize: six collapsing clasps in each band mean an ideal fit for the most extreme solace, basically eliminate a collapsing fasten to resize the band (bare hands required). It’s available in 4 colors: black, champagne gold, rose gold, and silver. When buying this band from amazon, you get a 1-year warranty for a full refund or replacement without the need to return anything. Its current price is $19.99 on Amazon.

MIFA leather band

If you’re looking to add a classic touch to your Apple smartwatch, yet don’t want to pay an enormous price, this leather strap should do the job. It comes only in 42mm/44mm versions, making it Series 4 and Series 5 focused, but the manufacturer claims that it can fit series 1-3 as well. There are three color options: black leather, brown leather, and oyster leather. It’s priced at $25 on Amazon.

Apple Nike Sport Band

The official Apple/Nike Sport Band has the toughness and design simplicity of the normal Sport Band, but it also has the compression-molded perforations, or how we like to call them – holes. Those holes make an enormous difference to the long-term comfort of the Apple Watch because they enable your skin to breathe under the strap. The range of colors isn’t as diverse as for the normal Sport Band, though. Its current price is $49 at Bestbuy.

AdMaster soft silicone band

For ultimate breathability, try this AdMaster band that features air holes throughout the watch strap. Made of silicone, this band is soft, and the stainless steel buckle keeps it in place on your wrist and makes a great replacement for the Nike strap. Most people who bought this band on Amazon consider it one of the best Apple Watch bands in terms of comfort, fit, and price. AdMaster soft silicone band is starting from $7-$8 on Amazon.

Tomazon faux-pearl band

If you are looking to glam up your Apple Watch, this is a band for you. Tomazon’s Apple Watch band is handmade. It comes in a few different color schemes: gray, pink, and white. It’s fully elastic with no buckle, which makes it easy to slip on and off. It fits all apple watch sizes, and its current price is $14.99 on Amazon.

WFGEAL leather band

Apple makes its own suite of Barenia leather Apple Watch bands, but thanks partly to the HQ leather, they are priced too high for most people. For a more affordable cowhide circle with a spotless clasp, that is as yet top quality, top of the line, and an agreeable fit, attempt this WFGEAL real leather band that comes in over 40 color combinations and fits all Apple Watch sizes. Its current price is $16.99 on Amazon.

Muzzai nylon band

Soft, breathable, and lightweight, the Muzzai nylon band features a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustments. It comes in 16 colors and can fit every Apple Watch. You can buy one for $7.5 or buy 3 band bundle for $15 or a 5 band bundle for just $23 on Amazon.

How to change Apple Watch band

  1. Turn over your Apple Watch so that its screen faces down.
  2. Find the band release buttons. There’s one for the top band and one for the bottom. They are dainty oval catches at the top and lower part of the rear of the watch.
  3. Press the band discharge button and, as you are squeezing, slide the band one or the other way to eliminate it.
  4. Slide the new band in. It should click right into place.

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