EMUI10: Is it Really Worth The Update?

Unmatched Upgrades to Huawei EMUI with AI Immersive features

After a long journey of success, dedication and consistency, Huawei has converted from mobile manufacturer to tech institution that has set trends and examples. Huawei is impressively advancing on all the ICT fronts from smartphone manufacturing to all kinds of ICT devices and communication accessories.

This time, Huawei has stunned the tech lovers with yet another step forward to update Huawei EMUI10 this month that will power Huawei Mate 30 series and the new Huawei P30. According to official statement from Huawei, all the Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P30 and P30 Pro and Mate 20X (4G) devices will get an update with EMUI10 this month read with Android 10. Huawei announced on 20th January 2020 at Shenzhen that it’s going to field latest updates to EMUI10. Major updates and additions are countless but few are summarized for our readers in this article to make them best aware of the latest developments.

EMUI10 User Interface and Operating Experience:

Huawei’s EMUI10 is full of inspirations and surprises with immersed visual quality and smooth graphics coupled with Morandi Color Platte and Ashen colors. App icons are crazy with natural and appealing freshness. Icons are simplified, modernized and made user friendly. Camera icon is redesigned. Accessibility and search options are updated. Gadget and app re-ordering and management is made customizable.

Dark Mode:

UI navigation is further facilitated with dark mode options. Huawei’s human factor lab conducted intensive tests for designing the UI. A balanced and proportionate relation is established between background and text and image to video operations.
Animation naturalized:
Animations, emoji, graphics and visual contacts are redesigned to give users more smooth, fresh and natural experience. Swiping, tapping and touch functions are upgraded with unmatched sophistication.

Prioritized Security:

Huawei EMUI10 brings a determined Latency Engine has been introduced to check the apps before processing for authentication and compatibility. A GPU Turbo will decrease improve touch latency and provide better gaming experience. Fingerprint scanner and face detecting features have also been upgraded to new levels of latest security patches.

Cloud Management:

Access to Huawei cloud and organization of stored data has also been improved. Real time uploading of cloud data can now be organized, managed and easily deposited into the relevant folders besides auto managing tools that will automatically organized your photos, videos and files.

Multiscreen visual facility:

Huawei EMUI10 will sync data from multiple Huawei devices, easily communicate and link with remote Huawei devices through broadband from around the world. This facility will make Huawei self-sufficient in data sharing and data management for organizations, freelancers and researchers. In Huawei EMUI10, you can share files, exchange data in the real time and arrange groups, multitasking, conferences, multimedia and even presentations.

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