Facebook updates Messenger Rooms with more features to entice users

The outbreak of the novel corona virus that brought the world to a stand still also brought financial breakthroughs for some companies. Working and learning remoteling became the norm which pushed video conferencing app Zoom to take precedence in its category. Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms in April to try to ride the wave but not very many users came onboard.

The company made it so that you could join a group call through a link on your News Feed or in Group and event pages. The social media giant has updated the app to make it more enticing for users. The update makes it easier to use the feature through Messenger.

To start, the company is introducing a new, more comprehensive interface for creating Rooms within Messenger. While you could create and share Rooms within the app before, the updated UI allows you to customize them with an activity name (you can also choose the one the app suggests if you don’t want to go to the trouble of naming it yourself). It will also allow you to set a future start date for your group chat and manage your invite list. These are all things you can do through Facebook’s News Feed, but now you’ll also be able to do them through Messenger.

Facebook updates Messenger Rooms with more features to entice users

The new version of Messenger Rooms will now display the Rooms you’ve been invited to up at the top of your Chats tab in your inbox to make them easier to find. It will also make the ability to create a new Room more visible, by placing the option front and center in the Chats tab.

Facebook is also giving Messenger users more options when it comes to how they can customize their Rooms. You’ll be able to set a custom background by uploading your photos addition to the previously offered options to use 360-degree backgrounds and mood lighting filters.

The new Rooms creation feature is rolling out to Messenger on mobile starting today, with desktop support coming in the coming months. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to customize your background sometime in the coming weeks.


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