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Guide to Selling Your Mobile Phone for the Best Price

The main reason why people sell their phones is money. Whether you want to buy the new phone or you just need cash, the goal is to get as much money as possible for you old phone. In today’s guide we’ll go through all the things you need to do in order to sell your phone for the most money.

Keep the phone in good condition

The thing that affects the price the most when it comes to selling your old phone is its physical condition. So when you buy a phone make sure to get yourself a good case and consider a screen protector. Those things will keep your device looking new, which is the most ideal approach to guarantee you get the most cash possible when you sell your old phone.

Another thing that can maximize your resale value when you are buying a new phone is getting only an unlocked phone. Because unlocked phones work on any wireless network. There is no good reason to chain yourself to a single carrier, and if you do so it will be harder for you to sell it later.

Include box and charger

Of course, you can sell your phone without the box and charger, but those and other accessories affect a price by a lot. Buyers will always buy the phone that comes with a box and charger included rather than just the phone itself. According to our studies box and charger usually affect the price by $50 which is a lot.

Replace the battery

Battery health is an important thing when buying a used phone. So, if your phone’s battery health is below 90% you should consider replacing the battery. Buyers are most likely to buy used phones with new batteries over the ones with used even if it comes with a much higher price.

To check your iPhone’s battery health open the Settings app. Scroll down and select Battery. Tap Battery Health, there you will find all pieces of information about your battery’s health percentage. On the other hand, Android doesn’t provide a built-in way to check the phone’s battery health. But there are a lot of apps like AccuBattery which you can use to check the battery health of your Android phone.

Meet the buyer in person

If you can it’s always better to meet the buyer in person when selling your old phone. That way he can check the phone itself and see if it meets his expectations. Also, make sure to be very kind to the buyer since it’s confirmed that there are a lot smaller chances that he will try to bargain when meeting in person.

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