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How to Customize the Audio and Sound Settings on Phone

Smartphones can adjust a whole archive of sounds and audio files whether it be your favorite songs or religious verses. Smartphones have buried the era of tiny robotic sounds and few ringtones pre-installed in the mobile phones. Enormous features and applications have been introduced by Apple in its iOS and other developers on their Android devices to address the modern demands of music and audio lovers.

Sound Settings in Android Devices:

There are a few reasons Android devices have an edge over iOS devices in the market. Android devices are comparatively cheaper than iPhone and easily accessible. Android devices have a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use-feature. Among these qualities, sound settings are more versatile in Android devices than iOS devices. For customizing your sound settings in Android smartphone, simply go to settings and tap on Sounds option. Here you see separate volume buttons for Ringtones, Notifications, Music, System Sounds, Calls, Alerts, and Alarms. From these settings, you can customize the notification sounds of WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Besides custom sounds, you can also find default system sounds in this portion which are built in default sounds for notifications, calls and alarms settings. From the same settings, the volume of each sound can be controlled and fixed.

Sounds at Dial Pad:

Android devices offer the choice to either select the dial pad tones of your choice or just mute all the sounds of dial pad. Android apps prefer to provide their own library of sounds but some applications allow the users to customize their own sounds. Go to settings and select sounds. Look for the dial pad tones and select from a variety of sounds. From here, you can mute all dial pad sounds or just keep the vibration only.

Customization of Sounds in iOS:

Apple’s iOS devices have some unique and amazing features and applications for sounds and audio formats. Though Apple is a bit hesitant to allow the users for much customization but here you can still select your customized sounds from a number of choices. To customize your sounds in iPhone and other iOS devices, go to settings and tap on the “Sounds and Haptics” option. The choose Ring Tone, Text Tone or any other desired sound from the list and tap on it. After taping, you can select the sound from a drop-down list and then control its volume from the same setting. After a specific sound is selected, a preview will emerge and a demo sound will play. If the sound is appealing to you, just tap on it and confirm, it will become your call, message or alarm sound. You can select sounds for new mail, WhatsApp message, Facebook messenger and other social media platforms or you can just choose the same sound for all the applications.

Distinguished Sound for Distinguished Caller:

In all the smartphones, you can distinguish a specific mobile or landline number with a distinguished tone. When that number calls you, its ringtone will be different from the general ringtone that you have customized for all your phone calls. This facility allows you to identify or distinguish a specific call just from its tone and without looking into the screen from caller identification.

Third Party Sound and Audio Control Apps:

A variety of apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple store which are specifically developed to control and customize your sounds and audio choices. You can download and install these apps to modify or enhance your existing sounds and audio files such as music files. These applications can make changes to the speed of playing the file and you can control the speed of a sound as it deems fit to you. With these applications, sounds can be set to Stereo, Jazz, Rock, Pop or any other mode of your choice. After customization, the audio file will start playing at your desired format. From these applications, you can also change the file format of the audio file and make them compatible with the playing devices. Such third party applications also provide the freedom to edit your sounds with your own sounds, voice over or include other favorite sounds in a song or music.

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