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How to Fix and Customize Bluetooth Issues on Mac

Bluetooth is one of the most appreciated and initially developed communication technologies. Bluetooth is a technology that is being used to transfer data and files of all kinds and all formats from one device to another compatible device. All the inventions and leading technologies developed for data transfer among devices like Infrared data transfer technique vanished with the passage of time but Bluetooth remains intact and even more important than ever. A long range of devices can be inter-connected through Bluetooth like hands-free devices, speakers, mice, headset and of course, the Apple watch.

Bluetooth in iOS devices:

Bluetooth on iOS devices is pretty much restricted and secure. To avoid unwanted file from transferring and installation, Apple has restricted iOS devices to use Bluetooth only mutually. No external or third party device can access Bluetooth on iPhone, iPad , Mac Book and other iOS devices. This step is acceptable against the auto-run malware, spyware and other malicious software that can transfer via Bluetooth and install themselves automatically.

Bluetooth in Android Devices:

Android devices have a moderate and more diversified approach towards Bluetooth connectivity. Any Android device of any manufacturer can be mutually accessed and files/ data can be transferred internally. Data can also be transferred via Bluetooth between desktop and mobile, laptop and mobile, tablets and other Android devices.

Bluetooth Issues on Mac:

Mac has some serious issues with the Bluetooth which can prove fatal some times for your patience and temper. Here we have collected some information regarding useful techniques to handle these issues of Bluetooth on Mac devices. Mac devices are seriously disturbed by third party devices connectivity like sound systems, headsets, watches, speakers, videos and audios.

The issues that emerge between Bluetooth and Mac devices is mostly connectivity; keyboard accessories and large file transfer processing. Although, the Apple Bluetooth technology needs emergency overhaul but here for the time being, we can do nothing but  to look for trouble shooting and issues resolving techniques.

Turn the Bluetooth Off and then On:

Refreshing the Bluetooth is a tested and tried tool to improve the functioning of data transfer. Click on the menu bar and go for the connectivity settings. Here find the Bluetooth and turn it off, after a while again turn it on. You will definitely feel better with the functioning of data transfer.

Reboot Your Mac:

If the refreshing of Bluetooth does not work and the problem still remains, try to restart/ reboot your Mac and try the file transfer again. The rebooting or restarting of Mac will definitely and should solve the issue because, sometime due to heavy data transfer or overburdened memory, a rebooting is like a lifeline for the computer devices.

Remove Corrupted and Suspicious Files:

Date transfer via Bluetooth may also be affected due to suspicious and corrupted files that resist running, installing or even customizing, or lineup/ queue for the proposed transfer. Such corrupted files can also affect the connectivity and functioning of other files which are to be transferred. You can trace out these corrupt files and then destroy of delete them.

  1. Open finder b. Click on the Go Menu c. Go to Folder d. then type library and select preferences. Now click on the Blue “Go”. Now find the following command in the new window.Apple.Bluetooth.Plist. Have a right click on this file and proceed further with re-opened Go Menu bar and select the Go to folder option. In the box, delete all other options and type this code: “How to fix Bluetooth problems on a Mac”. Now find this code in the newly opened Window “” Now move to trash this file by right clicking on it and selecting the delete button. These suspicious files can also be removed with malware detector, Spyware detector, anti-malicious software, antivirus software and hard disk cleaning methods such as defragmentation and disk cleaning.

Reset Apple’s Mac Bluetooth Module:

Apple’s Mac devices have a bit fragile Bluetooth technology as compared to Android devices. Re-configuring all the Bluetooth accessories in your Mac is also found useful. You can re-configure the Bluetooth module by following the given steps. Keep holding the shift key, a menu bar will emerge. Select Debug and click on “Remove all Devices”. After Clicking on it, all the paired devices will be removed. Now reset the Bluetooth module from the same menu and now re-pair all the removed devices again. If all of these tools do not work, then contact the Apple’s help center for assistance.

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