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How to Protect your Apple Watch Screen

The Apple Watch is one of the world’s most used watches. It’s a device with robust functionality and a sleek, elegant design – so it comes as no surprise that there are millions of people all around the world that wear the Apple Watch on their wrists.

That being said, even though the Apple Watch is made to be durable and sturdy, accidents do tend to happen. And one of the most vulnerable parts of the device turns out to be one of the most important parts, as well – the Apple Watch screen. If you manage to damage the screen in any way – including scratching it or breaking it – then it would already be too late. You may need to pay a big sum of money to salvage the device and the screen – if this is even possible.

And this is why it’s very important to protect your Apple Watch screen so as to not damage it in any way in the first place. This article will detail some of the most important things you can do in this direction – to help you keep your Apple Watch screen safe for a long time to come.

1. Protective Apple Watch Case

While some rather uninformed people consider it superfluous – there’s really no argument about the usefulness of the protective Apple watch case. It’s a special contraption that you can use to protect the Apple watch from any physical damage – much like you would use one such protective case for any smartphone or smaller device that can easily get damaged.





The importance of having a rugged Apple watch case cannot be overstated – as this can literally save the life of your Apple watch in dozens of different scenarios. What a strong Apple watch case does is it offers an additional layer of support for your device – without reducing its appeal. If your Apple Watch should happen to fall by accident, or if you scratch it with a sharp object – the protective Apple watch cover will minimize and even negate the damage altogether. It’s a vital piece of optional equipment that you should definitely upgrade your Apple Watch with to make it safer and sturdier than ever before.

2. Install Apple Watch Screen Protector

If you want to increase the safety of your Apple Watch screen, then another thing that you could do is to install a glass screen protector. The two main popular Apple watch screen protectors are tempered glass and hydrogel. While the tempered glass option is cheap and effective – it has some disadvantages to boot, like the fact that they can be very thick and hence disruptive of your Apple Watch use experience.

We recommend that you get a hydrogel screen protector. The hydrogel screen protector is a soft film created with the use of PET or TPU materials. It has high ductility, and it’s very resistant to fingerprints. Moreover, it has the function of automatic self-repair. This, alongside the fact that the hydrogel screen protector is extra thin – making it almost invisible – makes it an excellent option that you should go for if you wish to keep your Apple Watch screen safe and protected from physical damage.

3. Charge your Apple Watch on the ground.

This is a very simple, yet often overlooked piece of advice. It seems that people tend to put their more valuable stuff on elevation. And this makes sense – since the ground tends to be dirty and it’s also easy to step on said stuff by accident. However, statistics show that one of the leading ways in which Apple Watches tend to get damaged is by falling on the ground – when they are charged on elevated surfaces. The reason for this is that the Apple Watch can easily slip off the charger and fall to the ground – which can cause damage and breakages.

The smart thing to do is to charge your Apple Watch on the ground. In this way, you will eliminate any chance of the Apple Watch falling on the floor and getting damaged in the process. Of course – make sure that the place where you will put the Apple Watch is reasonably clean – it’s the floor, after all – and that you won’t accidentally step on the Apple Watch as you go about. By charging the Apple Watch on the ground, you will dramatically decrease the potential to damage your device.

4. Don’t remove your Apple Watch over tiled or concrete floor

Once again, statistics (and anecdotal reports alike) consistently shows that one of the most frequent ways in which people damage their Appel Watch screens is by falls that occur when removing the Apple Watch from one’s wrist. It’s a tricky process since you’re only able to use one of your hands to remove the watch. It requires focus and precision – and chances are that if you do it regularly enough, eventually you will lose focus at one point and the watch will slip out of your wrist and fingers. This means that the watch will fall on the ground as there’s nothing else to protect it from falling – and this is where a lot of damage tends to occur – specifically to the Apple Watch screen.

One of the hardest surfaces that you can let your Apple Watch fall on is the tiled concrete floor. There are countless Apple Watches that have been damaged from a fall on this type of surface. So, the smartest thing to do to prevent this from happening is to never remove your Apple Watch over a tiled or concrete floor. You may feel completely confident in your “watch removal abilities”, but we advise you against it if you’re standing on a tiled concrete floor, as it’s too risky. If your Apple Watch falls – then the screen will likely get damaged, and it may even break. On the opposite end of the spectrum – what you should do is remove the Apple Watch so that, if it happens to fall, it will fall on a soft surface – and not from a great height. The soft surface of your bed’s mattress is perfect, for example.

Conclusion of How to Guide

Protecting your Apple Watch screen is not rocket science. If you follow the guidelines above, then you will minimize the risk of damage to one of the Apple Watch’s most important and vulnerable parts – its screen. If you get anything out of this guide – make sure that you get a protective Apple Watch band and that you will install an Apple Watch hydrogel screen protector. These two things alone will more than halve the risk of damage that may occur to your Apple Watch screen. Charge the Apple Watch on the floor and don’t remove it on concrete tile floors – and you have successfully rounded things off in giving your Apple Watch top tier protection.

In any case, don’t overthink it. The Apple Watch screen is not exactly made to break easily in the first place. It’s thick and robust and it can sustain a lot of injuries before it eventually cracks and gets damaged. But if you implement our guidelines then you will make a sturdy device even sturdier – and your Apple Watch will continue to serve you and look good on your wrist for a very long time to come. 


How to protect Apple Watch Screen

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