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How To Recover Your Deleted Voice Recordings And Audio Files On Android Phones

Any ordinary thing can become inevitable any time. Who knows which one among the deleted files suddenly becomes so important that you need it more than anything else at least for that moment? At that critical moment, you would be thinking of a magic to recover or retrieve your desired file from the rubble of trash which is now days and sometime months older.

Is the Data Really Deleted?

There are certain situations that you have selected a folder or list of files and mistakenly tap the delete all option. In such like situations, you are like a child lost in the city or you are looking for needle in the store of your house. Be patient and hold your breath, we have the solution to recover your deleted voice recordings or audio files. But the question still remains that is the data really deleted? The answer is No. The file name, size and location remains on the hard disk or memory chip. Every data stored in a storage device is assigned a specific location and name automatically by the system. When the file is deleted, only the volume or data is lost. All the basic information like location, assigned name and file size remain intact till it is fully destroyed or overwritten by another data.

Third Party Recording Options:

Android devices are a comprehensive solution for your video recordings, audio recordings, voice messages, voice mail, call recording and much more. There are applications that provide voice recording, call recording video recording facilities at a time. These applications include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google hangouts etc. All the data of voice calls, video calls and messages including files transferred can be backed up on these messaging applications. This backed up data remains stored in the servers of these applications and can be retrieved or recovered when required provided that the backup option is activated.

Voice Recording Recovery Application:

Android devices still lack any effective recovery application that can effectively recover the deleted or lost data but still there exist some applications that can be trusted for the recovery of deleted voice recordings and other files. The specific software is called “Android Data Recovery” which can help you recover your desired voice files. This software can scan the device and trace the voice files with the formats such as .mp3, .wav, .amr, flac, .midi etc. After tracing the lost files, this application will give you the option to choose your desired file from the list. After ticking on the files, you will tap the recover option and hence the recovery starts.  After experiment, this software not only recovered the voice recordings but all the audio files and call recordings effectively.

The software can recover the deleted voice and audio files including recorded calls on almost all the Android devices including Sony Xperia, Samsung smartphones, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo etc.

Precautionary Measures:

Prevention is better than cure. As a precautionary measure, you must have a backup system. There are some third party apps that automatically backup you data which must be installed.

Every Android device has two most urgent options for data backup. First is the Google and the second is Samsung Cloud. Register yourself their and keep the auto uploading activated. Some other backup options are Google drive, One drive by Microsoft, Google Photos, Flickr etc.

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