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How to Remove a Stuck Sim Card Tray

Many people find themselves in a situation where their sim card tray cannot be ejected. In this topic, we will show you how to eject a stuck sim card tray in multiple ways.

Applying pressure with the phone

This is the easiest method and the first one you should try if you get in this situation. You will only need a phone and sim ejector tool. Get the pin in the sim ejector tool and turn the phone upside down, and just try to push it down with the phone till the sim card tray opens.

Using a mounting strip

For this method, we need a mounting strip or a double-sided tape or a sticky tape. Peel off the protective layer and stick it on to the sim tray opening. Apply some pressure towards the sim tray. Now try to bend the tape so it’s only on a sim card tray (don’t bend it completely). Pull the tape hard and sim card tray should go with it.

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How to remove a jammed SIM (without the tray)

First, you must save all the important information from your sim card to your smartphone. This is to be done because if by mistake you damage the sim card all your precious data would be lost. Hence, in order to save the data from the sim card to mobile, enter the folder or file you want to save to your phone, tap on the “Options” button, and then select the option to save the desired file or folder to your smartphone.

Turn off your phone completely. Now try to identify the position of the sim card in the slot. Don’t worry if you are unable to identify the exact location, just get an estimate or an idea of the position.

Now take two paper clips and untangle them so they are straight. Once positioned, use the paper clips to move the sim card out with an alternative lever action on both sides of the sim card. If the paper clip doesn’t fit, try using the sewing needle or toothpick. The goal is to get the SIM card to stick out a little.

Once the sim card is near the entrance, delicately grab the front of the SIM card with your needle nose pliers. We do not recommend tweezers for this process because they don’t have strong enough grip power for such a tiny item. We strongly advise it is strongly to refrain from squeezing the pliers hard, as it can damage the SIM card. Now slowly, wiggle and pull the pliers until the SIM card comes out. Make sure to gently perform the entire process to avoid any kind of damage to your Phone and sim card.

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