How to Stop Android’s Keyboard from Censoring Your Messages

Google’s Android is the World’s most used operating system in smartphones. Currently, Android is installed in almost all the smartphones except Apple’s iPhone. Since its invention, no other operating system could replace android operating system other than iOS which is limited only to iPhone. The Android users can now get rid of auto-correction filters with few easy steps. Auto-correction in Android keyboards is designed to help user complete longer sentences and save their time.

The auto-correction of auto-suggestion features in different typing keyboards including android keyboards was the beginning of AI (Artificial Intelligence) era. Basically, auto correction feature works in collaboration with a built-in dictionary or vocabulary. Once a word is typed in the android keyboard, the system starts searching for the best available match. After the match is found in the search, it is offered to the Android user. The embarrassing situation emerges when the user touches the suggested word whereas it is not the desired one. Then you have to delete it and write it again. This situation wastes your time rather than to save it as auto-suggestion is designed for.

If you still want to use autosuggestion of words while using the android keyboard, you have to pay extra attention to the keyboard while typing. But in case, you want to get rid of auto-correction completely, there is a way out and here are the suggestions.

1. Navigate to settings and select “Language and Input” from the list
2. Now tap on the toggles icon which seen next to Google keyboard
3. Here you see a box “Block Offensive Words”. You have to uncheck this box

In some android keyboards, you have to check/uncheck the “Spell Checker” option in the settings of “Language and Input” for enabling or disabling of the auto-correction feature.

That’s it, the auto-correction is disabled and you can feel easy with your typing on android keyboard. You should keep in mind that except abusive words, older versions of Android provide slower and ugly response to miss spelled words. In later versions of Android like Android Marshmallow and Android KitKat, the vocabulary and dictionary of the system has been improved and the suggested words are better and more accurate. Automatic response to spelling errors is also improved and now you will find the exact words to tap and correct your typing.

There are certain merits of keeping the auto-correction feature enabled. This is an automatic feature that can save your time and energy which is specifically designed to assist the android users in their typing experience. The unwanted problems confronted while using auto correction feature like miss spelling, entry of wrong word etc. can be controlled with the passage of time. On the other hand, auto correction feature is a time-wasting and useless option for less educated users. It is better to rely on your typing speed rather than to wait for the system to correct your errors.

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