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How to Track and Treat the Battery Draining Apps in Your Android

Short battery life is one of the most crucial problems encountered by the smartphone users. Despite dedicated efforts and enormous resources, smartphone manufacturers are still struggling with charge preservation and battery life of smartphones. Even the most advanced and efficient battery cannot maintain a smartphone for a whole long day. A permanent solution to the smartphone batteries may years away but we have collected some useful tips that will help you preserve the charge of your battery considerably.

Access to Battery Settings

By following the given guidelines, you can access the settings of your battery in your smartphone and edit or restore settings of battery.
1. First tap on the “Settings” icon from the main app-screen of your smartphone and tap on the “Device” section where you will see the “Battery” option and tap on it.
2. Long tap the battery icon which will lead you to the battery settings.

A battery screen will emerge which will display the usage and present capacity of the battery in percents. Here in this portion, you can find information about the battery life in hours also. The app will tell you how for more long the phone can be used. From these settings, you can set the automatic mode which will issue an alert when the battery is down to a pr-determined level.

Battery usage by third-Party Apps and Hardware Devices

Android devices consume most of the power due screen resolution and data transfer. You can also access some fast information on apps, hardware and system utilities. To access this information, open the menu from the upper right of the main screen and tap on the “Show full device usage” option.

From here, hardware components and OS services will be visible to you. Usage of battery will be explained in percentage at front of each app in the list. If you want to further inquire about the usage of battery by each app, you can explore it by taping on the app individually from this list.

Expand Battery life and Efficiency

You can enjoy longer battery life and sufficient charge in your battery by following these suggestions. Keep in mind that these are trusted and tested methods which will considerably enhance your battery life and charging capacity.

1. Charge the battery with full voltage and avoid low voltage or DC charging. Battery charged with full voltage provides full life due to compressed charging supplied to each and every cell as compared to DC current which is weak and low capacity.

2. Put your smartphone on Airplane mode when signals are weak because smartphones consumed a lot of charge during searching for signals.

3. Never keep the WiFi enabled when not in use. Always turn it off after use. Smartphones automatically search for WiFi signals which consume a lot of charge.

4. Never enable the location mode when not required. Only enable location tag when it is required. Location is satellite based, date dependent connection which drains the battery at higher speed.

5. Never leave the smartphone data mode “On” while not in use. Data mode will drain your battery and incur unnecessary data charges.

6. Lower the screen brightness of your smartphone as the screen brightness the most lethal opponent for battery life.

7. Keep the Bluetooth disabled until file sharing is required. Bluetooth also keep searching for pairing with other device which consume charge.

8. Shut down all the background activities. For disabling background activity, you have to consult settings and look for the option “data” option. From there, you can restrict all the apps from automatically updating themselves. Some cloud applications such as iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, One Drive etc. Keeps uploading audio, video, images and other files automatically. To save battery and data, you have disable auto uploading option in all these applications.

9. Remove of disable all the unwanted and unnecessary applications from your smartphone. These useless applications not only consume charge and data but also affect the functioning of RAM and processor which further slow down the phone.

10. Try to adjust your smartphone with dark and static wallpapers and screen savers. Darker wall papers and screen savers consume little charge as compared to shiny, white or colorful wallpapers. Avoid screen savers and other animated and dynamic wallpapers and screen savers which consume enough power that can make your phone charge-less in times when it is needed the most and that too, for no reason.

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