How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest and most advanced flagship smartphone recently launched by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S9 is equipped with latest features and state of the art technology. Every smartphone including Samsung Galaxy S9 is locked in many ways and due to few reasons. The smartphones can be locked due security reasons when lost or stolen. All the smartphones can be locked, their data can be deleted, emergency alarm can be activated and location can traced.

All these operations for Android devices are done from the cloud or account of manufacturer. For example, in Samsung devices, the remote locking operation can be done either from Samsung cloud/ account or it may be achieved directly from your Google account to which you have registered the concerned smartphone.

Smartphones may also be SIM-locked when the specific SIM lock code is activated. This SIM lock code is assigned to each and every SIM by the cellular company for extra security and protection. Once SIM locked, the smartphone can only be unlocked with the SIM unlock code provided by the cellular company usually written at the SIM card packing or module.

Unlocking with SIM Lock:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will not unlock until the SIM is inserted from which it was SIM locked and the exact code is dialed. If the SIM unlock pin is forgotten, insert another SIM and contact the customer care service of the concerned cellular company. The agent will confirm your details and award another SIM unlocking pin. You can also consult the customer help center of the cellular company from a given landline number.

Network Unlocking:

If you are using a post paid connection, then check your outstanding dues for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S9. Your service provider might have restricted access for their outstanding dues which you are to pay on time. Please do not risk you credibility and address your responsibility.

Locked by Third Party:

If you have purchased you Samsung Galaxy S9 from another person, in a second hand condition and your Galaxy S9 gets locked, think about tempering of the software or unauthorized access. Check your phone for the bug and look for solution. If the Galaxy S9 is locked due to unauthorized access, then you have to either look for the genuine operating system and registration process or contact the company directly. This unauthorized access might lead to a criminal act because this happens in cases when the phone is stolen and locked or being controlled remotely. So, confirm the credibility of the dealer first.

Insurance Unlocking:

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 is ensured, it can be locked due to 02 reasons.

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is reported lost or stolen by the owner and the insurance company has remotely locked the smartphone Galaxy S9 in order to pay the insurance money and follow the formalities.
  2. The owner has not paid the bills to the insurance company and the company has reported to locking of the Samsung Galaxy S9. In the both the cases, there is a solution. The illegal way is, just avoid the insurance companies claim and renew the software or operating system. This way is illegal and may harm the credibility of whole community. The legal way is that submit all the outstanding dues and get you Galaxy S9 unlocked.

Paid Unlocking:

Some software and service providers offer to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9 for money. You have to be extremely careful while dealing with these online service providers. It is very hard to determine the credibility of these online platforms. These service providers claim to unlock your Galaxy S9 and want the information such as the IMEI number of your phone (IMEI can be found at the packing of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or directly find it by dialing *06# form your phone), your country, cellular company etc. These online platforms demand money through credit card which itself is a very risky business. Once the credibility and nature of the service provider is confirmed, you can negotiate a deal but do not ignore the risk.

Third Party Applications:

Some third party applications offer security for your Samsung Galaxy S9. These applications may also lock the phone mistakenly. These applications can restrict access to your phone if codes are dialed unfamiliar to the system.

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