How to Use Apple’s Education Store

Nature has granted unique qualities of creativity and innovation to every individual. Thanks to educators who polish and nurture these qualities. Creating coordination and communication between creative thinking and practical experience is an art. In today’s world, information and communication devices and technologies made this job easy and more realistic. Apple has been helping teachers achieve this goal for the last 40 years to create potential in every child. For now, Apple has come up with more realistic, innovative and revolutionary ideas than ever through their education store. Apple Not only provides powerful features, tools, awareness, and learning methods to help you promote your amazing learning talent.

Registration and enrollment:

First of all you have to sign up in order to register for the Apple education store. You can create your account from any of Apple’s devices such as iPhone, Mac, iPad etc. After completing the registration process for your institution or school, you are now eligible to purchase educational products from Apple education store. For terms and conditions and registration, visit the Apple’s education page The enrolled education institutions can exercise online purchase for their institutions through credit cards or other online transaction. This must be noted that no purchase is possible from Apple education store without proper registration and account with prescribed procedure as laid down by the concerned department.

Help and Support:

In case of any difficulty or problems during registration process, Apple provides a 24/7 help line. This help line can be contacted through their toll free US number +1-800-800-2775. Apple education store also provide help through their dedicated email address

Discounts and Special Pricing:

Apple offer discounts and special prices for different products from time to time and different seasonal occasions. A list of process is being provided for the customers on their online portal. Here you can choose your requirements for your institution or school. You can select products based on the mode and category of enrolled institution. A variety of products can be selected from a long list of discounted products. A detailed price list is available at .

Some featured products:

Apple Financing:

Authorities at Apple education stores offer advisory services. This service is designed to analyze the capabilities and present status of the enrolled institution and designed a detailed plan for their requirements. This system proposes suitable products that are the best fit for the institution. Keeping in view the finances of the enrolled school, Apple financing design a comparison between resources and requirements and suggest best available options.


Apple education also offers a long term support for its customers. This long term assistance is called AppleCare. With AppleCare, you get limited one year warranty on all hardware and 90 days free online support including telephonic guidance. For enhanced support and assistance, you can purchase a plan called AppleCare +.

After Service Assistance:

Apple education store offers exchange of older and abandoned education devices for new and latest ones. If the devices are out of order, Apple education offers a responsible recycling of these abandoned devices.

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