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How to Use Auto Correct “Ducking” On iPhone

Auto correct is an automatic feature which Apple has built into all of their latest devices – iPad and iPhone both ship with Auto correct. Feedback suggests that most users are overwhelmingly happy with Auto-correct, however there are a small cohort whom are becoming increasingly frustrated. Likely these people are typing to fast and suffer from impatience, either way it can be frustrating. Apple has given users the option to remove this and in this guide that’s exactly what the team at Mobile Tech Guide are here to assist with. It’s time to do away with the frustration of Apple’s Auto-correct taking your favourite words and get your iMessages sent quicker without hassle.

Step by Step tutorial on How to make iPhone Auto Correct Ducking let you Swear:

Step No 1:

In the first step of the method you will head to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement on your iPhone. From here tap the “+” button to add away with the new short-cut.

Step No 2:

In the next step, you will be typing the word which you do want to use into the “Phrase” box. If you want to get the iPhone to stop correcting “fucking” into “ducking,” you will type “fucking.”

Step No 3:

You have to tape the “Save” after.  You will not be typing anything into the short-cut box.

Step No 4:                 

You will appear the short-cut right here. You will be repeating this whole process to add as many of the words as you want.

Step No 5: 

This process will also work in favor of the words that are not profanity. If you are using any the word that does not appear in a standard dictionary, then, in that case, you can add it to the short-cuts here, and your iPhone keyboard will enable the whole word also understand that it is a word you are trying to type.

Step No 6:

As you will be trying to type that curse word once again, your iPhone will accept the whole word and also consider any words in your text replacement short-cuts as being the valid words.

Different Ways to Tame Auto Correct:

Profanity in their Name

 It is not the just way as to stop away from the auto-correct from the bugging. You can also add away with some contacts to your phone with the means of profanity in their name. We would say that if you have added a connection named “Fuck Fucker,” then your iPhone would automatically think “Fuck” and “Fucker” that are much the beautiful and acceptable words and hence will automatically offer them while at the time of typing. It would be much better to have the profanity in your short-cuts besides considering away the littering your contacts.

Disable On With the Auto Correct

You can also disable on with the auto-correct to prevent it from the sake of getting in your way if you want. But as according to technical details, the auto-correct is pretty useful as if you have trained it to stop messing up the words which you want to type.

If you want to disable auto-correct, then you should head to Settings > General > Keyboard and disable the course of the “Auto-Correction” option.

Train the Auto Correct

It is much possible to train the auto-correct with so much of the time and also patience. As you will type the curse word, you will be going to tape the option at the top-left corner of the keyboard’s suggestion bar like the one that enclosed in quotation marks. It would let the robot or system to learn that this is the word you have to store into your memory. As if you are doing it so many times, the keyboard should gradually learn that you meant the word you have the type and stop correcting it.


Auto correction and auto suggestion in the next coming smartphone will be managed mostly through Artificial Intelligence. There software will automatically update its self with your words that you use most frequently. Then the system will use its memory to suggest the most appropriate words to you at the right moment. These features may be coming with next generation of smartphones.

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