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iPad 7 Review, Specs, Durability, Repairability, Price and Where to Buy

iPad 7 10.2″ is your productivity mate, eReader, Neflix buddy and more

One of the things that make iPad 7 10.2’’ great is the fact that you can use it for a wide range
of activities. Look at it as a one-size-fits-all device. For instance, users who are interested in
improving their productivity at work (or at home) can use this mobile device’s Smart
Keyboard to type faster. There’s also a special Apple pencil that makes things easier.
Let’s be clear, you will probably find a specialized eReader out there that has a longer battery
life, but the truth is that iPad 7 offers many other options. On top of that, it’s a decent
eReader especially for those who are interested in reading comics or textbooks. With a big
screen like that and an excellent resolution, it’s easy to read your favorite texts without
affecting the health of your eyes. In addition, we should mention that this is a user-friendly
device which means that you can easily zoom in and zoom out, turn pages, copy text and do
other things while you are reading.

Screens are getting bigger, so did iPad 7 – 10.2″

If you like watching movies and/or TV shows on your tablet, iPad 7 10.2’’ has you covered!
It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Netflix over HBO Now or some other service or vice
versa, As we said before, this device has excellent resolution and you can download many
different streaming apps on it including Netflix. We should also mention that iPad 7 is quite
lightweight which is another reason why people consider it to be a reliable Netflix buddy.
The iPad 7 10.2’’ is definitely one of the best tablets made by Apple. From streaming videos
and editing photos to using your favorite apps and organizing your life, this model has turned
iPads into small, yet powerful computers that can be used by everyone.

iPad 7 2019 Full Specifications

First of all, let’s say that the iPad 7 2019 has the optimal dimensions for this type of device –
9.87 x 6.85 x 0.30 inches. We have already mentioned that this device is lightweight – around
1.06 lb. When it comes to the body, it’s good to know that this tablet has a glass front, aluminium frame and aluminium back. It works with Nano-SIM and eSim. As for the display, you can expect an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colors. With a screen-to-body
ratio of around 74.4%, this is one of the best tablets out there. Don’t forget that it has a
resolution of 1620 x 2160 pixels and a size of 10.2 inches (as the name suggests).
iPad 7 comes with two cameras – the main camera of 8 MP located on the back of this device
and a selfie/front camera of 1.2 MP. Additionally, this tablet has excellent battery life thanks
to the non-removable Li-Po 8827 mAh battery. At the end of this part, we would like to mention the operating system – iPadOS 13.1 which can be upgraded to the latest iPadOS

Australian Review of iPad 7 10.2

iPad 7 Screen Durability

Is iPad 7 a durable tablet? The answer to this question is a little bit complex. In general, this
is a durable device especially when we compare it to other devices of this kind. As we said
before, iPad 7 has an aluminum frame, aluminum back and glass front. The glass is scratch-
resistant and comes with an oleophobic coating. Of course, all these things don’t make iPad 7
resistant to damage and users have to be careful with it in order to prevent scratches, cracks,
and damage in general. As we recommend with most device, you really must have a screen protector and or case, this significantly reduces the chance of you needing an iPad screen repair in future.

iPad 7 Repairability Score from iFixit

According to iFixit, iPad 7 doesn’t score well when it comes to repairability. It’s a little bit
difficult to repair this device, but for a professional technician, this shouldn’t be a big
problem. iPad 7 is constructed the same way as previous models such as iPad 6, 5, 4, 3 and even iPad 2. The basis of this design is an LCD + Glass Digitizer which make a two piece display, unlike iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, 5 and iPad Air 2 – these are laminated display assemblys which make screen repairs and repair accessibility much better. We understand that Apple design entry-level iPads such as iPad 7 this way as it’s a more affordable production process.

How Much Does the iPad 7 Cost?

At the moment, an iPad 7 10.2’’ can be found for $499 Australian Dollars in many stores
across Australia. Surely, there are special discounts and deals from time to time which means
that you might find this device at a lower price too. Apple will sell this device absolutely everywhere in Australia being sold by all major retailers including, but not limited to; JBhiFi, Office Works, Best Buy, Kogan, Dicksmith, Goodguys and more.

You can buy iPad 7 here

So, what do you think of iPad 7 10.2’’? Do you think that it’s a good mobile device that can
serve its users for a long period of time? If we take a look at the specifications and the
number of satisfied users, we can confirm that this device is worth trying. The price is fair
and there are so many features that every user will find useful. Now, if you are ready to get
this device you can buy the iPad 7 10.2 here from the Apple website .

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