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New iPad Pro Version 4 Release Date, Specs, Price: News Australia

How would Apple’s latest iPad Pro 2020 Rule the rivals?

Reportedly, Apple has tested and designed a Scissor Switch mechanism for the latest upgrades and updates to modernize the much praised smart keyboard in the upcoming iPad Pro 2020 that is based on the concept of a keyboard introduced with Macbook Pro almost a year ago. Despite the fact that authentic and official details about iPad Pro 2020 have not been revealed by Apple yet but tech experts have established some careful predictions about the latest and expected features in the upcoming iPad Pro 2020.

iPad Pro photo leak Australia

Typing Experience Gets better, even Smarter:

Despite some speculations that Apple is not going to introduce Scissor Switch Keyboard technology before 2021 but it seems that Apple is all set to challenge the rivals with cutting edge typing experience. The new typing experience also include improve dictionary, AI enabled
auto correction, smooth typing, wider options, enhanced customization and flexible personalization tools.

iPad Pro Photography Options:

An upgraded 12 MP, wide angle, AI enabled, auto-focus, depth sensing with 2X telephoto shooting capabilities. This camera is also made compatible with AR and VR technology in order to provide better gaming and visual experience to the users.
Advanced, Upgraded and Modernized iPad Pro 2020
An iPad Pro 2020 in the pipeline seems to be with a display of 12.9” equipped with HD/VR/AR features. An 14XBionic upgrade cannot be ruled out. Unlike traditional iPhone and iPad Pro 2020 devices, iPad Pro 2020 might come with an LED powered by some 10,000 LEDs. A gape between OLED and micro-LED might be covered this way

iPad Pro Version 4  – 5G Connectivity

Since all the smartphone giants and toe to toe rivals are proudly announcing to upgrade their devices to 5G connectivity and so the Apple is also not an exception. iPad Pro 2020 is the best Apple candidate for 5 connectivity. According to experts, 2020 is the year of 5G networks. No major player in the tech market can afford to lose concentration on 5G upgrades. Apple might be fielding iPad Pro 2020 as one of its leading 5G device.

iPad Pro Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

To address the needs of gamers, graphic designers and compete in the immersive world with Artificial Intelligence, Apple has most probably upgraded iPad Pro 2020 with VR, AR and AI updates. This time, it is predicted that a 3D, super HD, multi roll display will be a step forward from Apple in this regard.

iPad Pro Version 4 Australia

iPad Pro A13X Bionic Leak

After introducing A Series of Chips/processors with iPads in 2012, Apple has developed chip technology to the highest levels of world competition. The iPad Pro 2020 is the best candidate for A13X or most probably A14X.
Is iPad Pro 2020 coming with Variants?
Experts have suggested that there might be different variants of iPad Pro 2020 in terms of RAM, ROM, screen size, display, 5G connectivity and other features. Some tech-worms suggest that it might be launched as iPad Air 2020, iPad mini 2020, iPad??? Or some other brand name for iPad series.

iPad Pro v4 RAM and ROM

Depending on type, variant and size, it cannot be precisely predicted what specific RAM or ROM she – iPad Pro Version 4 will have. A more sensitive and careful study has revealed that iPad Pro 2020 will range from 4GB to 8GB in terms of RAM and 128 GBs to 256 GBs in terms of ROM.

2020 iPad Pro Release Date and Price Australia

As we have noticed earlier that most of the block buster smartphones have been launched in the months of February or March and so is the case with iPad Pro 2020. Experts have fixed that iPad Pro 2020 might be unveiled in the last week of March this year.
Price of iPad Pro 2020
Depending on variants, iPad Pro 2020 might come with price ranging from $1199 to $2499 for the highest spec machine. Price will variate as per specifications i.e. RAM, ROM, 5G or 4G connectivity and some basic features.

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