OnePlus 9 series will arrive with an LTPO display, QHD+ resolution, and 120HZ

LTPO Display confirmed

OnePlus confirmed that their new OnePlus 9 series is going to arrive on March 23. Besides the release date, company also released some key specifications about the phone. According to them, the display should be the LTPO type and will feature an adaptive refresh rate from 5Hz-120Hz. The display will have a QHD+ resolution (1440p), which is quite an upgrade from the last year’s 1080p resolution on the OnePlus 8 series.

This incredible display was tested lately by DisplayMate and received an A+ grade. The incredible score, but that’s not surprising since it has some serious raw specifications: a 10bit panel featuring 1 billion colors, and 8192 steps of brightness adjustment. Battery life will be better then ever, since those LTPO OLED panels are far more power-efficient than regular Super AMOLED displays.


It’s confirmed that in terms of configuration this telephone will feature a Snapdragon 888 chipset. Easily the most powerful chipset in the Android world. It is paired with Adreno 660 which is the best GPU. In terms of RAM, it comes with only one option and that is 12GB, which should make multitasking an easy job. When it comes to storage, you will have to go with either 128GB or 256GB and it won’t be expandable.

Camera Rumors

Some rumors about the cameras say that this phone is most likely to have a triple camera setup on the back. 48MP main camera 50MP PDAF camera, and 2MP depth camera. Still, this phone won’t have 8k video support like most company’s flagships these days. However, 4K@60fps is a great deal.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu is an app used to determine a phone’s strength. It’s one of the best ways to check the strength of your phone. You can use it to compare phones when you are looking for a new phone. It gives your gadget a numerical score according to its specifications. With all that said, according to AnTuTu score leaks the new OnePlus 9 series will have a score of more than 750k which is better than 99.5% of the phones available on the market.

OnePlus 9 is close to the announcement

OnePlus 9 is being announced just seven days from now (March 23). Just by now, we know a lot of things about the upcoming OnePlus 9 series but we will be sure only when it’s officially announced. We will update you on the full OnePlus 9 series review when OnePlus presents it at their newspaper conference.

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