Pixel 4a gets more features to make it more competitive against the iPhone SE

Google’s recent activities with respect to the Pixel “a” line of its smartphone brand seems to be preparing the upcoming Pixel 4a for record-breaking sales as it builds up the 3a, Google’s best-selling phone yet. In addition, the tech giant officially discontinued the Pixel 3a, the most recent phone of the bunch, which I suspect is to eliminate any major competitor to the 4a, Google is adding features on the pixel 4a to further make it enticing to both android customers and those on the iOS platform.

Apple’s iPhone SE is a major competitor to the very much-anticipated Pixel 4a and it is chucked full of features to back it up. The most impressive of these features include Apple’s flagship A13 bionic processors, the very same one in the iPhone 11 series, and a very enticing starting price of $399.

Previous leaks of Google’s actions to make the Pixel 4a come out on top was a price tag of $349. However, that information is yet to be confirmed.

The Pixel 4a  is likely to come with 18W charging which isn’t particularly fast as per today’s standards, but Google has given it a slightly higher battery capacity of 3,140mAh, according to a recently discovered certification listing.

The certification was first spotted by DealnTech. Taiwan’s National Communications Commission has a listing for a Google phone with codename G025J, the same code we’ve seen appear in listings in other government regulators’ databases, including the FCC.

The NCC listing also provided the ID numbers for the Pixel 4a’s battery and for the charger that comes bundled with the phone. DealnTech was able to cross-reference this number with the German TUV Rheinland certification database and found the figures we mentioned below.

Pixel 4a gets more features to make it more competitive against the iPhone SE

The 18w charger google adds in the box beats the 5w charger the iPhone SE ships with. While Google may not improve charging speeds on the pixel a line, adding a bigger battery makes more sense with a weighted additional benefit in increasing battery life.

The 3,080 mAh ‘rated capacity’ figure you see on the specs sheet is the guaranteed minimum capacity for the battery since no two cells are truly identical and could have more than that. However, manufacturers always use the higher ‘typical’ capacity when selling their phones, which is why the 3,140 mAh is more important here.

Compared to the Pixel 3a, it’s not a massive jump by any means given that its just an addition of 140 more mAh. however, it’s good to see the Pixel 4a will have a little more capacity.

The Pixel 4a completely dwarfs the iPhone SE menial 1,821mAh battery according to unofficial teardowns, however, Apple is excellent at power consumption optimisation but the sheer amount of battery capacity on the Pixel 4a should pretty easily outrun the iPhone SE 2020

But with the OnePlus Nord likely having around 4,000 mAh of capacity, the Pixel 4a’s battery perhaps isn’t enough without some beefy battery management software eking out every last drop.

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