The Future of Mobile Photography, a Slide Out Camera

Smartphone cameras have been the one of the main focuses of Smartphone manufacturers. While introducing or launching a smartphone, its camera is the focal point of all the merits that are being communicated to the customers. The capacity of smartphone camera is measured in mega pixels and the larger the mega pixels, the better and more expensive the smartphone will be.

There is a continuous competition between the smartphone manufacturers for a smartphone camera. These cameras were first gradually upgraded to auto focus, low light photography, night mode, face detector, motion detector, image editor, background editor and much more. There is now a rumor the future of smartphone camera is going to be defined with a slide out camera.

With the introduction of slide out cameras, the communication technology will take another step towards a sci-fi revolution as we see in the sci-fi fiction movies. Following international smartphone brands have been found leading the race for a smartphone with a befitting slide out camera.

Huawei Honor Magic 2:

In the IBA 2018, Huawei stunned the communication technology giants like Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, OPPO, Ericson, Nokia and other with the announcement of their next step. Huawei announced its next smartphone with slide out camera. This camera will be manual and not motorized which will be expanded for selfie and other shots.

Xiaomi MI Mix3:

Xiaomi is also leading the race for a slide out camera with its much awaited and much rumored next generation smartphone Xiaomi MI Mix3 which is soon going to hit the shelves with a bang. Although, it’s not clear whether the function of slide out camera in Xiaomi MI Mix3 is motorized or manual but one thing is clear from the image that the camera will be emerge from the front side with the sliding down of the whole screen.

OPPO’s Find X:

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has recently established a foot-hold in the international smartphones markets after Xiaomi and Huawei. OPPO is especially active in Asian markets like India and Pakistan. OPPO has also attracted the consumer attention by introducing its slide camera smartphone OPPO Find X. The OPPO Find X has a 91 percent screen to body ratio which is amazingly impressive for this new company. OPPO has come up with a motorized approach for its slide-out and slide-in camera in the Find X.

Merits and Drawbacks of the Slide out Cameras:

The Slide out cameras are going to revolutionize the world of smartphone photography. Smartphone cameras have limitations of lenses and focal point which will increase manifold with a slide out lens and aperture will simultaneously increase. This technology will limit the roll of professional cameras for photographers which are very heavy and complicated to carry.

With all these benefits, technically these slide out cameras is a complicated task for the engineers. These motorized slide out cameras may not be maintained for so long with tiny and fragile motor systems and operating systems. If installed manually, still the systems would need special care and expertise. These motorized modules for slide out cameras have high chances for breaking, crashing, scratching and failing.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO conducted and efficiency test with its slide out camera being installed in the next generation OPPO find X. In the test it was revealed that the slide out camera could sustained for only 300,000 movements up and down. This drawback revealed that these slide out cameras have a limited life span and will stop working after counted movements if not damaged accidentally or otherwise.

However, to fulfill the dream of full screen smartphones, slide out cameras is the best solution. Until the engineers succeed in embedding the light sensors, selfie camera and proximity in a smartphone beneath the screen, slide out cameras is the best solution for full screen mobiles.

Screen to body ration is a standard which determines the condition and technological advancement of a smartphone. This time, the leaders are the Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and others. Despite being feared with many technological setbacks, the slide out cameras is the future of smartphones and this is inevitable. The engineers will overcome all the drawbacks in due course of time and this technology will no longer remain alien to the worlds.

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