Tips and Tricks to Refresh your Old Android Phone

With passage of time and excessive use, smartphones usually gets overburdened and become lazy enough to disturb you. Filled cache, bundles of applications, low storage and RAM usage can affect the speed and efficiency of you smartphone which sometimes create embarrassing situations especially when you need speedy browsing and app operations. Here are some useful and expertly collected tools and tips which will help you improve the speed and performance of your smartphone considerably.

1. Keep Cleaning your Storage and Cache

In the case Android smartphones, cached data and overburdened storage badly and mostly affect the functioning of smartphones. Cached data not only slows down the functioning of smartphones but also considerably slows down the speed of data transfer and internet. To get rid of this unnecessary burden, you have to consult settings and then jump to Storage and Memory options. Here you see an automatic Cleanup utility and tap on it right away. The app will restore order into running apps and storage.

To further enhance the speed, go to Storage Settings and then select Advanced Settings. Here in the bottom you see Cache in a long list of commands. Tap on the Cache and select Clear Cache option from here. All the Cached data will be washed away. Just restart your smartphone and enjoy a better and improved device.

2. Get rid of unused Apps

Sometimes, an application is downloaded ad used only once or twice. This application remains in the smartphone and keeps draining the battery, using memory of the smartphone and affecting speed and efficiency. This application also affects the boot and restart time. Look for them and remove all the unwanted and unnecessary applications immediately. Restart your smartphone and see the difference. Boot time as well as speed and operational performance will be improved considerably.

3. Prefer Lighter and Compatible Apps

The unused/spared apps are not just the main cause of smartphone slowdown as the regularly used apps could also be consuming more than their due share of smartphone Random Access Memory or RAM and resources and causing your device to crawl. Removing an app of social media will bring big change to your smartphone.

If you have Facebook in your phone, you should look for “Lite” versions of apps and associated software including messenger and other function.  They’ll consume less power including RAM while still giving the original speed and accuracy unaltered. There are so many of the more apps that offers the lightweight options including that of Google maps, Skype and other social media giants.

4. Clamp Down on background data abusers

Background activities keep the RAM running and processor heating with continuous use. Some apps such as social media platforms, weather apps, and motion sensors, auto-uploading, auto-clouding and other apps remain busy 24/7. A short solution to this issue is that you should keep the data turned off and enable it only when you need it the most. You should follow the first two steps in my Android data-saving guide to find and address the data-draining apps on your device. For deactivating background activities, just reach the settings and go to data settings. From here tap on the deactivate option to restrict background activities.

5. Ensure Regular Updating of Your Apps and Software:

You should make sure in the next step that all the apps been updated properly. You should tap the three-layer menu button at the right corner of upper screen area and then select “My apps & games” while connected to WiFi, you will be going to tap or enter the button to update all of your apps of older versions. Mentioning out, if you want to make sure you remain updated from this platform and hence look into the Play Store’s options area for an option called “Auto-update Apps” and then confirm. You can set the “WiFi” only option here or just enable the smartphone to update through your data package on mobile phone.

6. Speed up your Home Screen

Home screen is the most worked out area of the smartphone. The very first symptoms of laziness of a smartphone are experienced here and especially on the aging devices in particular. It is the main component regarding both the speed and its aging nature. So if you want to make your old android phone complete new, follow up with these guidelines right now!

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