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Ways to find out the Battery Draining Apps in Your Android Smartphones and Tablets

If you are disturbed continuously about your phone battery is low, then it is the time to know that where your power has been going out with. Android battery screen will let you know that what’s used battery power as since your last charge straight away from apps to system services and so as the hardware devices.

Method to Access the Battery Screen:

If you want to get access to the battery screen, then you need to, first of all, follow with the below-mentioned step by step tutorial:

  1. First of all, you have to open up the Settings app from your app drawer and then expand the “Device” section, and then tap the “Battery” option.
  2. You will also be pulling down with the quick settings panel as into the notifications shade and then the long-press the battery icon as going on straight to this screen.

This battery screen will be showing out about how much of the battery has used since the last time you have charged the phone.  You can check and carry out this method at the time when your device is relatively low on battery to get an idea of what apps, or the hardware components, and system services that have been used battery power since your last charge.

If you are using some Samsung devices that you need to hence tap the “Battery Usage” button in the battery menu to get a look at this list.

What to know about Much More Advanced Battery Stats with Third-Party Apps:

 You might do not know the fact that your android phone has been collecting so much of the battery in its settings screen. Better battery stats are also accessible by which you would be able to check out the battery stats permission and access the complete information. Google has removed the approval from the Android to use this app. But one of the highly recommended ways would be using AccuBattery that will also provide you with the entire edge of information about your battery life. It is better and much useful.

What to know about Hardware and System Services?

 You can also get some quick information about the hardware and system services too. To make this happen you need to tap the menu button in the upper right corner, and then you have to select the “Show full device usage” option. It will make you carry out to view with the hardware components and OS services using up the course of the battery. You can also get the specific set of more information about a hardware component or service by tapping it.

Method to Save Battery on Your Android Phone:

If you are not using your mobile, then you can easily save your battery by lower your screen brightness and disable WiFi and Bluetooth.  If the battery screen is making you show that an app is using much of the battery power, then you should remove or replace it. Apps will, on the whole, appear on your Battery screen as if you use them. But hence there are some apps are heavier power users than others.

It is somehow not much possible as to entirely prevent apps from running in the background. But still, you can disable background operations within an app’s settings.  If your phone has been running with the Android Oreo, then it will let you know when an app is running in the background and using up with the range of the battery. If you do not like this feature, then it would be suggested to disable it instantly. It would also be quite handy for keeping an eye on apps that become unruly.

In some of the additional Android features, it would also help you to save power too. You can put the battery saver mode that will be attending you to set your device into a more conservative state where less background work that will be allowed, and you can have your phone automatically carries out to enable it for you. Doze will be helping you as to save power when you are not at all using your phone or moving it around. This would make your android much powerful.


So if you want to know that which apps are draining your Android, then follow up the guidelines and get a quick set of information all about it.


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