Ways to make your Mac Book Dust Free

The processors inside the Mac Book, like all other computer, heats up while processing data. To cool down the system and processors, a mini fan is installed inside the motherboard which exhausts the hot air and relieves the system with fresh and cool air. But this fresh air brings tiny particles of dust inside the system and as the time passes, this dust pollutes the tiny devices and microchips including the processor itself. For keeping your Mac Book dust free and cleaning the already dusty devices, you should not avoid reading this blog post right now.

Your Mac might get disturbed due to the cooling fans and exhaustion chambers might be blocked by dust, and will be preventing them from keeping the motherboard cool. By following these guidelines, you might be feeling relieved with your Mac Book and even other devices.


Essential tools required for Dust Therapy on your Mac Book:

 Before starting the anti-dust operation, equip yourself with the following tools.

  • A P5 standard Screwdriver (pent lobe).
  • An auction cup.
  • Cotton swabs
  • Compressed air can
  • Air pressure compressor

1st: Remove the button cover:

 As a first step, remove the bottom cover of the Mac Book which is easy and simple. Next, flip over your Mac Book in an upside down position. Remove the screws with the pent lobe screwdriver. Keep in mind that you have to remember the whole and location of each screw separately because most of them of different sizes. This suggestion will help a lot when you re-assemble the parts.

After the screws are being removed, you can now lift up the bottom cover from the backside of the Mac Book. Some Mac Book have small clips that hold the cover place right in the center. You can carefully pry up the lid to unclip the cover with soft hands and a lot of care. Besides the pent lobe screws, a suction cup and guitar pick can also be used to completely remove the cover.

2nd: Locate the exhaustion fans carefully:

You have successfully removed the cover of your Mac Book, now you have access to the internal anatomy of your Mac Book. Take your time and inspect the dusty parts and carefully locate them. Now you have to locate the circular black turbine-like instruments which look like the fan of air conditioner. Since cooling fans suck the fresh air into the system and dust floating around gets into the system with fresh air. This dust keeps dumping and keeps spreading around the tiny sensitive devices and affects the efficiency of the Mac Book.

3rd: Carefully blow-out the dust:

As a last step, blow up all the dust gently with dust remover. Gently and smoothly operate the compressed air with a dust blower because there tiny sensitive devices which may be damaged or displaced. A clean cloth or fingers can be used while cleaning around the fan area. Microchips may be cleaned with a soft brush as if damaged or misplaced, the whole Mac Book can be scrapped. For the same purpose, cottons swabs or cloth can also be used. After successful cleaning of your Mac Book, fix and reattach the bottom cover and ensure the clips are rightly placed and fixed. Fix the screws with screwdriver and gently press the screwdriver.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Take surgical gloves while cleaning the Mac Book and wear a dust mask while cleaning the Mac Book
  • There are some sensitive metals like lithium, aluminum and other volatile materials inside a motherboard and any system, wear a dust mask during the operation.
  • Never clean the Mac Book and all electrical devices when they are hot.
  • Wearing glasses while working on the electronic devices including Mac Book is a big safe side.
  • Always disconnect the electric connection while repairing or cleaning the Mac Book and all devices.
  • While cleaning your home, keep the Mac Book and all devices in a dust-proof place.
  • Never touch electrical devices with wet cloth or wet hands even they are disconnected.
  • While cleaning your Mac Book or other computer, remove any devices or parts until you have fully command on fixing it.
  • Keep your hard drive away from magnetic fields as the data may be washed away.


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