Why are mid-range phones getting this good?

It’s the twenty-first century, and for most of us, smartphones are irreplaceable gadgets that we use every single day. This is the main reason why people spend so much money on phones. Do you even know what was the 2019 top-selling phone? You would probably think that it’s some iPhone or Samsung or some Huawei flagship but that’s not the case. In fact the best-selling phone last year was Xiaomi Redmi 9A the 90$ budget telephone. Then there comes One Plus Nord, and other mid-range smartphones. To be precise not a single flagship goes in the top 10 most selling phones. This might surprise you since the flagships are the phones you always hear about first, they are the ones see you see all about on the internet, and they are the most advertised.

How mid-range appeared in smartphone history?

The mid-range category has exploded in past years and what’s even more interesting is that it only started. Since the very start of the smartphone era, there were only flagships, each company had some $400-$500 flagship telephone and that’s it. But over the years prices of these smartphones increased exponentially, and before we even noticed the price of a flagship phone was more than $1000. As Android became more capable and chips more and more powerful companies started relating budget phones. Those phones were at the $100-$150 price range and were meant just to get things done. Because these smartphones were meant for the type of people with a very limited budget companies couldn’t raise prices and give them better specs like they always do with flagship phones. That’s when mid-range appeared.

Why are the best selling phones in mid-range?

You might have been surprised earlier that the best-selling phones are consistently mid ranges. That is because all over the internet people talk the most about the recent best flagship phones, and the main reason behind this is that those flagships are the most interesting piece of the tech market has to offer. Every one of the tech-heads wants to hear about the recent cool camera features and latest chipsets, so you’ll probably hear about mid-range phones only if you specifically planning on buying one of them. Flagships are the products that get most of the company funds for research and developing those phones, but here are some reasons people are switching to the mid-range.

One of the main reasons the mid-range market expanded and became this good is China. Chinese telephones like Xiaomi, One Plus, and others make really good phones with flagship-like hardware for a mid-range price. That’s why Samsung and others need to make more when entering mid-range. That’s a perfect example of positive competitiveness.

So are the mid-range phones the new flagships?

Yes, you can get some kind of flagship-like experience with mid-range phones like Xiaomi or other Chinese smartphones. But these aren’t real flagship devices. Don’t get us wrong these phones will get all the hardware job done, but these aren’t flagships. In fact, flagships are a lot more than just the latest piece of hardware. Flagships are all about the newest innovations this implies hardware as well as software innovations.

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