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Why is Apple so against 3rd party repair shops?

Why is Apple so against 3rd party repair shops?

If you own an Apple device, be it a tablet or a smartphone, you probably know that Apple has repair stores across Australia and around the world. They are providing services to all their customers. Some of them have special Apple Care contracts that provide access to discounted repairs. On the other hand, people can choose to try an independent repair store to handle any problem related to their iPad, iPhone or other Apple products. However, Apple has made it clear that they are against 3rd party repair shops. But, why is that so?

We can’t deny that Apple repair stores are professional. They have good technicians that are working only on Apple products. At the same time, they have access to original replacement parts making it easier to vouch for proper repairs. But, this doesn’t mean that people have to use their services to ensure that their devices will work properly. 

Independent iPhone repair shops are becoming more popular

The main reason why Apple is against 3rd party repair shops is simple – they are losing profit. There are many repair stores in Australia that can help you with a cracked iPhone screen, iPad battery problems or other issues related to Apple products. Of course, not all of these service providers work in the same way. For instance, Australian based repair store Screen Fixed  has a good reputation when it comes to fixing Apple products. They have years of experience in this field with a team made up of carefully selected, knowledgeable, friendly and professional technicians. Additionally, we use the latest equipment and premium quality replacement parts to finish these repairs. 

Apple Independent Repair

What makes independent repair stores a better option is the cost of repairs? We can freely say that Indepependent Apple repairs are up to 50% cheaper compared to Apple Store repairs. That’s a significant amount of money that you can save and use on anything you want in the future. For less money, you can expect professional services that are conducted by experts. Another thing that we should mention is that as an independent repair store, we can create a specific schedule that allows us to get the job done faster. In most cases, people that come to us wait for an hour or two before they can get back their Apple device back in a condition that is as good as new. 

Sometimes, depending on who you are lucky enough to speak with at an Apple store on the day, you may get a repair free of charge. Again, you will need luck on your side. 


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