Why is no one buying LG smartphones anymore?

LG was a well-known smartphone company back in the days. So what happened to them? Now they only have around 2% of the market share when it comes to mobile phones but they still make one of the best TVs. Today we’ll try to explain what happened with LG and why people avoid their smartphones.

Let us take a look at what LG gives you at a $350 range vs. what you get if you go with for example Samsung. You get an all-plastic body with Samsung when with LG you’ll get a metal built phone with even better specs. The same goes in the flagship range, LG’s flagship starts at around $400 and has the same specs as the Samsung flagship that starts at $700. So why is no one buying LG smartphones?

Identity Crisis

The main problem with their phones is that they don’t give you a good impression of what LG is about. Really all of their phones from design to software don’t feel cohesive, you feel like you are using some random combination of software and hardware put together. Let’s think about Apple, when you think about them you may get the feeling of good smartphones, or high prices, or maybe that satisfying unboxing. But you get the point, that feeling or association doesn’t come with LG phones and that’s the problem.

Naming Convention

On top of all of their identity problem, they aren’t the best at naming phones. They have a G series that goes up by 1 (G1, G2, G3,..) then flagship series that goes up by 10 (V10, V20, V30, V40,..) and then budget phones that goes up by 10 and 1 like LG K42 or LG K61 or even Q60. This is a big problem. It makes numbers almost meaningless. As an average consumer, you can’t figure out what it’s like almost learning a whole new language just to buy a new smartphone.

The Pricing

Unlike Apple smartphones, LG phones don’t hold their price. Let’s take LG G7 for example it launched at around $1000 and 3 months from the launch you could get it for as little as $400. That is mainly because of the sales. Sales are generally a great way to bring attention to smartphones but they are effective only if you bring prices back to normal as soon as the sale ends. The problem is LG doesn’t do that they just keep lowering their phone prices little by little.

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